finally, I know what happened to the people with a sense of humor post-zombie apocalypse

21. Married With Zombies – Jesse Petersen

This was straightforward, snappy fun. No large overarching message or random bellyaching over the end of the world or bullshit about who can make the most serious face about the most serious event ever to happen in the United States. Yay! I do get a bit tired of the idea that the zombie apocalypse would kill not only the majority of American citizens but also every single person’s sense of humor. Or maybe everyone else who writes zombie stories assumes that all the funny people will die first. I think you can make well-timed wisecracks and kill zombies and contemplate the vastness of humanity being destroyed all in one day. Apparently Jesse Petersen agrees with me.

Married With Zombies tells the story of a couple who were planning on attending their marriage counseling session only to be confronted with a zombie takeover of Seattle. The couple are really realistic, they love each other, they don’t necessarily like each other, however, they do agree with each other about everyone else. This relationship is a big part of what made me interested in going along for the ride with them as they encounter what’s left of the west coast.

Pammy biting Thaddeus' ear says everything about their relationship. Snappy.


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