slackers and yetis and succubi, oh my.

3. Monster – A. Lee Martinez

I read Gil’s All Fright Diner last year and thought it was enjoyable for several reasons. I do like disaffected heroes. Monster also happens to have a disaffected hero AND it has an end-of-the-world scenario AND a grocery store with a yeti eating ice cream! Now, I do have a problem with people who always write about the same thing when that thing is something I’ve seen a million times like the end of the world. Who would have thought seven seasons of Buffy and any number of films and other television shows would have made me numb to the world ending? Anyway, I think A. Lee Martinez is very clever at writing slacker characters, but man, when the world’s ending and your dude doesn’t want to make a choice, what is that? It’s like Ethan Hawke’s Troy from Reality Bites was his main life influence, but even Troy ended up caring about something. I do have a question for Mr. Martinez though, were you annoyed when Ugly Americans essentially animated a world very similar to yours, complete with mild slacker hero and his succubus girlfriend? Hmm? I would have been. But I liked both Monster and Ugly Americans. I really like the image of the yeti eating ice cream at the grocery store, it reminds me of working at the public library, that feeling of “what?” plus “I’m just not quite ready to do anything about that.”

If Twiglet was stuck in the grocery store she'd go after the cucumbers. Full force.


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