And we’ll start with The Omen

4. The Omen – David Seltzer

When I watched the film version of this book I had no idea that Damien was born from the loins of a jackal. I somehow managed to miss that whole discussion and thought that stalking Rottweiler birthed him – I mean, there were several dogs in the movie and that canine skeleton just did not scream “jackal” to me. Now I know better.

There were several other differences between the film and the book, one of the few that is now seared into my brain is the image of rotund, cackling Mrs. Baylock covered with white powder and red lipstick and coming after Robert Thorn aka Gregory Peck. Lovely scene, really. And those baboons going nutballs were really another type of monkey that did not get to attack the car. Hmm.

Anyway, I am rather attached to the film version of this book (If I say anything to the pigs regularly, it’s “It’s all for you!” I just haven’t jumped off the side of the house yet, and they haven’t asked me to, they’re not satanically inclined guinea pigs. Phew.) and I found the book a bit lacking – although it did have several pages of sensational photos ala true crime paperbacks. The transitions of perspective were way too wordy and very “I’m recapping, did you notice? You didn’t know this before and I will beat you over the head with it because I am using a different perspective!” I’m not the biggest fan of that. Trust me, authors. If you signpost properly, I will figure it out. Unless it involves a jackal.

See these darlings, of course it's all for them.


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